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There are a lot of factors that determine how safe a vehicle is. From advanced safety technology to strong exterior body styles, a lot goes into make vehicles safe, but one of the most important parts that keep you safe on the road is also one of the most overlooked – your brakes. We use them all the time, but sometimes it can be hard to know when our brakes need work. Today we want to talk about some of the most common warning signs that your brakes require maintenance from our Lincoln service center. 


It probably goes without saying, but poor braking performance puts you in extraordinary danger on the road. If your Lincoln SUV takes a while to stop, it could indicate a more serious issue, like a loss of power from the brake assist or oil-soaked brake pads. Like most issues with brakes, the sooner you get these problems fixed the better, before you find yourself unable to stop quickly when you need to. 


The sounds you hear from your brakes are also an important way to assess brake health. Many of us are familiar with the grinding noise you hear when your brake pads have worn out, but it’s much better for your car and your wallet to get your brakes looked at before they reach that stage. Another sound to listen for is clicking when you brake, which often means an issue with disc brake pads.  


We take your safety seriously here at Mac Haik Lincoln, and we always want to make sure the brakes on your Lincoln Continental perform at their best. If you live near Killeen, TX, you can always visit our service center to make sure your brakes are ready for action! 

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