Happy #FlashbackFriday, everyone! To celebrate the end of the work week, take a break and read (or re-read) "Navid Baraty’s Incredible NYC Rooftop Views," an early Lincoln Now piece about an electrical-engineer-turned-photographer Navid Baraty.

"Born and raised in Ohio," it reads, "Baraty worked as an engineer but felt unfilled. One day, he decided to take a giant leap and pursue his passion for photography. This meant more than a career switch; he moved first to San Francisco and then to New York City. To reveal the immense scale of his new hometown and its distinct character, Baraty felt he had to shoot it from an impossibly high angle."

Once you've finished reading the piece embedded above, come out to Mac Haik Ford Lincoln at 7201 South IH-35 in Georgetown. We have a great selection of new Lincoln models that we'd love for you to see.

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