Have you ever listened to an upbeat song, like Pharrell Williams's "Happy," and felt, well, happy? It's not just in your head... it's in your brain.

For reasons science can't fully explain, the human brain responds powerfully to music. Different types of music can make us feel happy, sad, more focused, or less stressed.

One of the ways music does this is by affecting our brainwaves, and heartrate. Up-tempo songs with a peppy dance-worthy rhythm increase our heartrate and breathing, actually making us feel more invigorated. A slow peaceful melody can soothe us with the opposite effect.

It goes beyond just physically energizing us. When you listen to a pleasant melody, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine-- brain chemicals linked to positive feelings. The hippocampus, the emotion and memory center of the brain, is also imprinted with the sonic signature of what you're listening to, which is why certain songs bring memories flooding back.

When music is this important to you, how you listen to that music should be a top priority to any brand seeking to provide a luxury experience for clients.

Proudly, the new Lincoln MKX features a 19-speaker Revel Ultima audio system, which allows you to choose your personal listening mode, and provides live-quality audio... even when playing compressed digital files.

Find out more about the science of sound, and experience the Revel Ultima sound system for yourself by visiting Mac Haik Ford Lincoln in Georgetown, TX. Our new inventory is sure to leave you feeling happy.

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