The Story of Where Things Come From

Chef Knaue of The Farm Cooking School has a fascination with where things come from.

When you buy a package of baby carrots in the store, you're not usually thinking of the farm that they came from. However, this story is an important one to be told.

Though he hated farm work growing up, as an adult, Knaue appreciates the sense of connection you get when you grow your own food. It's a complete understanding of the process from seed, to harvest, to plate.

This is what he teaches his students. It's the confidence to cook a great meal, and the sense of meaning gleaned from knowing the story of where your food comes from.

At Mac Haik Ford Lincoln, we like to know where things come from, too.

Our new vehicles are made with honest, authentic materials for a truly luxurious experience, with a story about where they come from. The model you choose will determine whether your cabin is accented with walnut, ash, Chilean maple, Ziricote, or other fine woods.

Take a test drive today, and tell us your story.

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